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10 Jul 2018 2:24 PMYogita Kothadiya

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Test test

4 Nov 2016 10:58 AMJohn Mitchell

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Tasty Food!

29 Aug 2013 2:29 PMRemy Ratatouille

Your resident chef is a terrific teacher - we all learn heaps in the tutorials that come with the cd version of the book. But the best part is always sitting down to eat all of the beautiful food I have just cooked!


Great food just following the recipes in the Cooking with Flair

29 Aug 2013 2:26 PMRemy Ratatouille

I have just tried my third recipe from one of the Cooking with Flair books, my goodness, they are so simple to follow and they work! I have never cooked before and because I recently married, I wanted to impress my wife with some cooking flair. It worked!


What a great cooking class...

29 Aug 2013 2:25 PMRemy Ratatouille

My sister and I so very much enjoyed our class with your resident chef Bella. We learned how to make fresh pasta from scratch and also haloumi cheese roasted with grapes. It was fun, entertaining and educational. it was a wonderful way to spend an evening with my sister.

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