Spicy treats for the family

3 Jan 2012 1:24 PMRemy RatatouilleSpicy treats for the family

Spicy food has long been a staple of many cultures. Cooking spicy treats for the family is easy as long as you are aware of just how hot a pepper can be when prepared properly. Some chillies double or even quadruple their strength when cooked for longer than a few minutes. It is all a matter of how hot you like it. Here are some yummy recipes that are sure to cater for all appetites...

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Cooking apple desserts

3 Jan 2012 12:10 PMRemy RatatouilleCooking apple desserts

If you are thinking about cooking apple desserts, let's start with a gourmet cake with this fancy but simple Recipe.

You'll end up with a rustic layer cake - baked, frosted with apple butter and rarely spotted in the restaurant arena.

You will need biscuits, bread pudding and bourbon for the homemade apple butter for frosting...

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Do you feel like cooking gourmet?

3 Jan 2012 11:38 AMRemy RatatouilleDo you feel like cooking gourmet?

Here's an Oyster Sandwich Recipe, from our resident chef...

If you are a friend of the Oyster, you already know one of the finest things in the world to eat is an oyster 'al naturale', not washed under the tap! Simply adding a couple of ingredients will have you entertaining your friends like a pro.

For the gourmet cooked version try this: crisp fried oysters, a little mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Here are tips to make ‘em look real cute...

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Spicy Foods. What is so good about them?

23 Dec 2011 10:10 AMSupport PersonSpicy Foods. What is so good about them?

New research is showing how adding spices to your everyday meals can help you in curbing hunger, strengthen muscles, boost your brainpower and even improve your mood!

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