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Top five 'must have' cooking utensils for making flaming cocktails

3 Jan 2012 2:13 PMRemy RatatouilleTop five 'must have' cooking utensils for making flaming cocktails

To make flaming cocktails, you need to have a bit of a wizard in you... A good base consists of strong rye mixed with port, which is then seasoned with a dash of bitters and small spoonful of a black walnut liqueur. As a flamboyant garnish, ignite a small rum-filled lime afloat on the top of the drink. It’s strong, black, bittersweet, bracing, and slightly dangerous—The top five must have cooking utensils for making it are these...

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Cooking with celery can be loads of fun...

3 Jan 2012 2:12 PMRemy RatatouilleCooking with celery can be loads of fun...

Turn celery scrap into fantastic pesto, salt, a silky braise, candy or a fabulous topping!

Celery leaves are like parsley but way more intense, bitter, and stoked to be at the party. And treated right, a celery heart is sure to add a kick to the flavor! So get on it and try a few of these celery fringe recipes out. A green-tinged celery salt is much fresher and brighter than the standard and much easier to digest...

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Finding 'simple to follow' cook books for kids

3 Jan 2012 1:36 PMRemy RatatouilleFinding 'simple to follow' cook books for kids

After looking through many cook books for kids, we found some that are especially good. They are well designed, with information in a clear sequential manner and photos and sketches for each recipe. Be surprised at how eager your kids are to learn to cook and how helpful they can be when they have a good cookbook to follow.

Here's a list of the top ones...

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How to know if you have the right cooking gear to do it like a pro at home

3 Jan 2012 1:24 PMRemy RatatouilleHow to know if you have the right cooking gear to do it like a pro at home

Our full line of cooking gear meets the needs of the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as the avid recreational cook. In addition to expertly designed pants and jackets, our products include shirts, shorts, aprons, shoes, hats, Pint Size Duds and a variety of accessories so you will feel like a chef at home...

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Spicy treats for the family

3 Jan 2012 1:24 PMRemy RatatouilleSpicy treats for the family

Spicy food has long been a staple of many cultures. Cooking spicy treats for the family is easy as long as you are aware of just how hot a pepper can be when prepared properly. Some chillies double or even quadruple their strength when cooked for longer than a few minutes. It is all a matter of how hot you like it. Here are some yummy recipes that are sure to cater for all appetites...

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